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The CD "Edmonton's Women of Song" was compiled for the purpose of raising funds for Breast Cancer Research in conjunction with the fundraising event taking place at the Gas Pump October 2, 2016. More information on the event can be found on the Live Music For Charity website.

If you would like a copy of the CD we would be happy to send your donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation and send you a copy. They are also available here at the studio.

With the exception of tracks 4 and 5, all songs were recorded at DanLyn Studios. Produced and Engineered by Dan Sinasac. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jerry Woolsey.

1. Five O'Clock - performed by Paula Perro and the Project. Written by Paula Perro and Gerald Moellering. Arrangement by The Project.

Paula Perro -

2. How Long Will It Take - performed by Rita McDade and the Fusion Blues Band. Written by Scott Alexander.

Rita McDade -

3. Mercy On Me - performed by Lynne Chwyl. Written by Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry.

Lynne Chwyl -

4. Tell Somebody - performed by Angela MacKenzie. Written by Angela MacKenzie. From the recording "Moviin' On" recorded at Atlyn Sound Studios.

Angela Mackenzie -

5. Priscilla's Away - performed by Dale Ladouceur. Written by Dale Ladouceur. Recorded at Crowtown Productions.

Dale Ladouceur -

6. When The Time Comes - performed by Mary Thomas. Written by Mary Thomas. Originally recorded on the CD "Out of the Shadows".

Mary Thomas -

7. Whatcha Do - performed by Sophie Hunter. Written by Sophie Hunter and Dan Sinasac.

Sophie Hunter -

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